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SleepScience.app is a website to give an overview of the Sleep Science Meditation Game™ available on Google Android’s PlayStore and Apple iOS AppStore. The app was originally developed to help Kice with achieving peak performance by limiting screen time using habit cues. It has since been improved with proper research and made available FREE for all!

The goal of the website is to be simple and get people connected to the app.
The app is inspired by the everyday person. The concepts of the app are backed by science which has been written by Mariam Ebady and reviewed by Ph.D. researcher Dr. R. Ebady from the University of Toronto.




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our Team

Kice Ebady

Senior Project Manager

The Sleep Science Meditation Game™ has been the vision of Kice. He has large parts for every aspect from Design to Development to Research and Marketing.

Originally developed as a sleep aid for himself to have a competitive advantage and later released to the wide public to help everyone struggling with escaping dopamine addiction caused by the overuse of smartphones. Specifically, late at night. His hopes are a world with a lot less burnout and people achieving their very best!


bubupanda (Tania)
TORVS Design Team
Aaliyah Machado



Harwinder Singh
Peeyush Chopra
Abhinav Vatsal